At Mimpo Global Logistics as a supply chain integrator, we advise, design, build and execute global solutions, combining our own experience with that of complementary service providers.

The objective of Mimpo Global Logistics is to bring the organization closer to integration, obtaining the benefits that this entails, such as shareholder value through growth in profits, reduction of operating costs, less working capital and reduction of fixed assets.

Mimpo Global Logistics has the necessary experience to manage these complex processes under one roof. We identify and incorporate the best service providers (by route / order) and the most competitive subcontractors for each aspect of your supply chain into our ranks. In this way, you benefit from the best logistic services for your business.

As a single point of contact, our experienced engineers provide a single hub with access to the skills, capabilities, and pricing advantages of the best service providers on the market.

In addition, we adapt our globally integrated services to local conditions. Thanks to the use of inventories within warehouses and loading docks, we perfectly manage your supply chain from end to end.

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