Our air transport service offers comprehensive solutions to meet the demands of all types of air cargo, regardless of the destination of the goods and the delivery time defined by the client.

We offer our clients the possibility to choose between first class airlines with excellent transport connections and continuous monitoring of shipments.

We also have air transport products tailored to the schedule and budget of our clients. Whatever your needs and requirements are, at Grupo Mimpo we offer the possibility of choosing from a wide variety of services.

MIMPO Global Logistics offers:
  • International network.
  • Guaranteed capacities on a wide variety of routes.
  • Connection between the main global platforms on all continents.
  • Fast and exhaustiveness.
  • Defined planning.
  • Transport executed by first class transport companies.
  • Integrated door to door service.
  • Transparency in delivery times.
  • Maximum security.
  • Planning and monitoring according to Cargo iQ's quality standards.

All goods transported without insurance will have a limit coverage by the carrier, which will be determined according to the relevant international conventions.

We have different products to insure your load, MInsurance Spot, MInsurance Flex, MInsurance Fix.



At Mimpo Global Logistics we offer the best consolidated loading services to the main points of the globe. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can optimize freight charges and their costs in the best possible way.

This results in a better service and a better price in all destinations for our clients.


At Mimpo Global Logistics we send a plane to any airport in the world to collect your goods and position it at your facilities or directly at the customer's home.

Another of our advantages are these special shipments, designed to send large batches of merchandise quickly and safely, regardless of size, capacity or season. For us the priority is your merchandise.

We rely on the best operators with a wide range of options. The most widely used types of aircraft are the cargo versions of the B747, B777, A330, MD11 and A330, amongst others. To transport bulky and extra-heavy loads, the best-known models currently are the Airbus Belu-ga, with a capacity of 1,400 m3, the different models of the famous Antonov and the Boeing Large Cargo Freighter or Dreamlifter, with a tonnage of 1,840.59 m3.



Items or substances that, when transported, present a risk to health, safety, property or the environment are considered dangerous goods.

To fulfill with this, we have a team of professionals trained and certified by IATA on handling dangerous goods by air transport, in generating documents and in the conditioning the goods, which follow all applicable regulations and fulfill all the quality and safety certifications.

The regulations on the transport of dangerous goods are published in the IATA Dangerous Goods regulations (DGR) manual, based on the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization / ICAO) Technical Instructions.

Three types of goods can be distinguished in the regulation: forbidden, dangerous and unrestricted. Amongst the dangerous ones, a UNO coding criteria is used, they can be transported by passenger planes or exclusively by cargo aircraft.

There are two groups:

  • Suitable for commercial passenger aircraft.
  • CAO (Cargo Aircraft Only, load only).

The differentiation is not always given by the type of goods but by the type of packaging or the net quantity of the goods to be transported.

"Our specialists are specialized in the logistics chain of any air cargo, and use specialized transport, conditioning, packaging and labeling, always following the international regulations."


At Grupo Mimpo we also provide urgent transport service, designed for small-sized goods that require exclusive, personalized and guaranteed treatment.

This is one of the most specialized logistics services on the market: totally urgent and personalized air transport. The "Courier" travels on a commercial airplane preserving the goods until it’s delivered by hand to the receiver.

It is a totally safe and reliable service, thanks to speedy deliveries are ensured, which can be carried out in a few hours and throughout the world, since they require a minimum of bureaucracy. In addition, reservations can be made last minute and taking into account minimal limitations.


The goods that can be transported by an OBCs are:

  • All kinds of documentation.
  • Materials and spare parts.
  • Prototypes / product samples.

The limitations of this type of shipments are:

  • 120 min for the acceptance of the load before the scheduled time of the flight.
  • Up to 300kg of weight, always depending on the limitations of the plane.
  • You cannot transport any type of ADR goods.

The benefits provided by this service are:

  • Speed: the fast response means that transit times are shortened considerably, and the goods reaches its destination on time.
  • Security: shipments are fully supervised and can be tracked throughout the trip for added peace of mind; Furthermore, luggage always has preference over cargo transportation.
  • Door to door solution: the shipment will be delivered in the fastest, most efficient and reliable way.
  • Cost savings: it is a cheaper service than other types of urgent transport.

Experience makes our team fully trained to adapt to the needs and specifications of each client. At Grupo Mimpo we are careful with the entire process and the corresponding procedures of the organization: customs, flight reservations, door-to-door collection and delivery.

Our delivery courier are experienced people, with knowledge of languages ​​and an assertive capacity to adapt to each situation.


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