During transportation, goods are exposed to unexpected events that are beyond reasonable control (fire, explosion, theft, gross damage, storms, floods, and other natural disasters) that can adversely affect your core business activity. Mimpo Global Logistics handles each load with the maximum effort of care and attention. Our tailor-made insurance for our clients offers the possibility of enjoying the benefits of cargo insurance.

Due to Mimpo Global Logistics' exceptional experience and volumes handled worldwide, we can offer very competitive rates for cargo insurance. Our insurance specialists provide flexible insurance solutions, customized to meet your own requirements.

You can always take out insurance on the spot, flexibly or annually or by project.

Regardless of whether the transportation is by land, air, sea or rail, the liability of the carriers will always be limited - usually per kilogram.

Below we detail the different Mimpo Insurance products we offer.

MInsurance Flex

It guarantees maximum flexibility for a minimum administration in time and tasks, only with the authorization of the client so that all shipments handled by Mimpo Global Logistics are insured, even with the possibility of being interrupted when the client wishes.




Fix Fixer

If the type of project or product requires the insurance of all shipments, we offer the possibility of an annual insurance contract. This ensures in an easy and efficient way to have all your assets safe.

MInsurance Spot

It is the perfect solution for the company that ships merchandise from time to time, without a specific regularity, but that wishes to insure the cargo for any circumstances during transit.

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