We provide service from one of the most fragile part of the supply chain, customs and its management of procedures and advice for all international shipments.

In addition, in Mexico we have a large team of customs specialists, with a presence in all ports and airports in the country.


The customs team of Mimpo Global Logistics clear goods at import, export and transit customs, in the most efficient and precise way, taking into account all customs regulations, since they know in depth the local conditions, rules and regulations of national and international transport.

Our internal computer systems link directly with the customs authorities and allow us to offer customs clearances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Local computer systems provide estimates to customers with tax obligations for better cost control.

In this way, we are able to reduce the clearance time and the inspection fees for each client.

 Special procedures

Mimpo Global Logistics has more than 20 years of customs management, accompanying companies around the world, with extensive knowledge in legislation for customs clearance.

  • We process a wide variety of customs regimes: Customs Warehouses and others such as Temporary Warehouses, Free trade zones, authorized warehouse to export goods, outward processing, inward processing, free practice, temporary import, etc.
  • We have our own customs facilities where we can either manage your payments or you or offer you a quick and easy customs breakdown through our advanced customs solutions.
  • We carry out technical border inspections such as Official Service of Inspection, Surveillance and Regulation of Exports. Applying the correct documentation for import and export of threatened species of wild fauna and flora, and other necessary procedures for pharmaceutical and sanitary products.
  • We process the Intrastat declaration (EU) of added-value Tax and other licenses and certificates for official agencies.
  • Operations of non-resident companies.
  • Exemptions on the import of goods.
  • Summary of VAT refunds.


At Mimpo Global Logistics we advise import and export companies of goods in customs clearance processes.

Our teams have a deep knowledge of customs legislation at a global level and multi-product specialization, with expertise in all types of industrial sectors, especially perishable products, defense and dual-use material. In addition, we keep our clients informed about government changes, new rules, regulations and international trade alerts.



  • Advice and assistance in tax inspections.
  • Obtaining import and export authorizations.
  • Development of own software for customs simplification or payments.
  • Advice on Foreign Trade.
  • Advice on global, regional and state import and export rules and regulations.
  • Preparation of customs valuation and customs value reports.
  • Tax analysis in international transport operations.
  • Preparation of documents regarding the origin of the goods.
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