Mimpo Global Logistics' ethical business standards have accompanied us since our inception more than 20 years ago. Our commitment to compliance with national and international legislation, together with the provision of the highest levels of ethical and legal standards in everything we do, is what makes us an ethical and a trusted business partner for our partners and customers.

Quality and environment

At Mimpo Global Logistics we strive to achieve economic and environmental balance throughout the entire process of global exchange of goods through land, air, sea and logistics services and projects, as well as in other complementary activities inherent to transport.

For this we base ourselves on the following principles:

  • Guarantee a seamless flow of goods and optimized supply chains that offer efficient, innovative and value-added solutions to our customers.
  • Guarantee the care and security of the goods and services provided throughout the supply chain, thus complying with the quality standards established by the organization and by customers.
  • Determine the risks and opportunities arising from the activity, in order to prevent them. And thus, to improve our objectives and processes continuously.
  • Grow in a sustainable way thanks to the efficient use of material and energy resources, the reduction of the carbon footprint and waste, to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
  • Strengthen our sustainable strategy by strengthening our range of green products and our experience in the field of ecological advice.
  • Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those established voluntarily.
  • Favor a work environment that respects individual needs and values ​​the contribution of each individual, as well as fosters the qualification, motivation and development of our employees, and professional opportunities locally and internationally.
  • Integrate all parties in collaboration with our global, active and daily commitment.


At Mimpo Global Logistics we are committed to regulatory compliance, both nationally and internationally, following exact standards of business ethics that we actively apply.

We maintain active exchanges with other international companies on matters related to regulatory compliance.

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