We offer logistics solutions for outsourcing complex logistics activities including planning, warehousing services, logistics control and execution / management, from the point of origin to the point of destination.

We are your perfect logistics partner for the outsourcing of complex logistic activities including planning, warehousing services, control and logistics management execution, from point of origin to end point.


Spare Parts Logistics

We jointly create the solution that suits your needs. Tailor-made solutions for spare parts and after-sales logistics, standard and customized, transport management, shipment tracking, spare parts management and storage, AOG 24/7 support…

Production Logistics

Manufacturers know how to do great things that transcend the sum of their parts. For this reason, we have a wide range of specialized logistics services aimed at producers: planning, transport control, expert distribution, production logistics engineering and class C orders, stock and pre-production management, warehousing, cross-docking and ordering, amongst others.


E-commerce is unpredictable and highly demanding. We have the agility and technology you need for your business to withstand the pressure of developing and maintaining an e-commerce.

Picking and Packaging Solutions

We have developed a full range of solutions, standard or custom, for retail (local market) distribution, including product preparation for launches, marketing campaigns and promotions.


Mimpo Global Logistics offers the ideal solution for all storage needs. We combine merchandise storage with intelligent transport solutions and a wide range of added-value services.

Below we show you all the advantages and services that we can offer after more than 20 years of experience:

  • Advanced storage management systems.
  • Customs warehouses and cross docking capabilities.
  • Customs warehouse to minimize your customs costs and special taxes.
  • Services in shared mode - multi-client.
  • Services in dedicated mode.
  • National distribution / express services.
  • Special "last mile" deliveries.
  • Automated warehouses for a better use of space, precision and security.
  • Integrated inventory management and visibility systems.
  • Consolidation of supplier-factory flows.
  • Wide range of added-value services.



At Mimpo Global Logistics we have the best storage management systems and flow control software.

Its objective is to provide a quality service generating cost savings to our clients.

They allow us to control all critical processes, monitor door-to-door activities and track shipments through to final delivery to your customers.


Mimpo Global Logistics' is recognized for its quality, reliability and innovation, this compliments the central logistics transport and warehouse management services we offer.

Regardless of the complexity and difficulty of your demands, Mimpo Global Logistics recognizes the unique challenges of its sector, we take advantage of the opportunities and, most importantly, the network, the know-how and the special attitude to achieve success in your supply chain.

Mimpo Global Logistics added-value services not only facilitate operations workflows, but also facilitate strategies to postpone final assembly and labeling of products until final consumption takes place. The ultimate goal is to improve inventory management, reduce inventory maintenance, and ensure product setup, transformation, or location.


Some of our accredited solutions include:

  • Kitting and sequencing to get the right materials to your production line at the right time and maximize productivity.
  • SKD (semi knocked down - "semi-assembled kit") & CKD (completely knocked down - "complete assembly kit").
  • Quality control through inspections, eliminating and replacing sub-standard items and eliminating interruptions.
  • Supplier-managed inventory to manage your suppliers and improve your cash-to-cash cycle.
  • Call centers with highly trained staff who take orders, organize deliveries and book maintenance calls, ensuring that your customers receive the highest level of service.
  • Delivery of scheduled and critical in accordance with their service level agreements.
  • Returns and inverse logistics, managing the reverse flow of surplus or damaged products back into the network, where we carry out detection before repair, reuse or disposal, minimizing costs and maximizing your revenue whenever possible.
  • Planning and execution based on the collection and sophisticated analysis of your information.
  • Inventory planning: we use the latest systems to keep stock at the optimum level and keep costs low.
  • Marking and labeling of prices.
  • Others, at your request.


Quick response and personalized attention.

In order to offer you a quotation or rates quickly for your shipment, indicate the origin, destination, weight, measurements and any information that may require a quote.

We will give you a quick response and personalized attention from our global network and dedicated team.

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