At Mimpo Global Logistics, the security of your goods is a top priority. We offer a wide range of solutions to guarantee security in the supply chain from start to finish, in order to protect your goods during the storage and transport phases.

In addition, all of our overland terminals are subject to our internal security standard that offers effective protection against loss in the supply chain with the help of infrastructure and security procedures.

Our offering includes secure storage solutions that meet or exceed the most demanding security standards in the industry.

It doesn't matter where your cargo is or what its intended destination is: we have the right solutions to guarantee security on a global scale.

Mimpo Global Logistics can offer you solutions such as:

  • Security facilities.
  • Safe transportation.
  • Secure parking solutions.
  • GPS tracking devices / padlocks (installed, mobile or hidden in the load).
  • Active GPS monitoring solutions.
  • Security intervention services.
  • Driver / convoy transport teams.
  • Escort services (armed).
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