We help companies that need consulting in international trade, logistics and transport, business associations and in general all foreign trade operators.


In Grupo Mimpo we offer to help you obtain, authorize and manage all customs procedures.

In addition, we advise our clients on customs value, merchandise origin, merchandise classification, common commercial policy (anti-dumping duties and foreign trade authorizations), as well as border inspection service processes.

Some decisions are key and make a big difference in costs and processes.


Regarding the consultancy in origin of the goods, it is currently possible to produce a final product in any country thanks to globalization. Therefore, it is important to correctly identify the origin of the merchandise, recognise the different agreements of the preferential origin that exist in certain countries.

For the legal and tax consulting part, our team of professionals are specialized in legal and tax regulations and international treaties, so that the commercial operations of our clients are a complete success.

Regarding consulting and management of special taxes, we offer a comprehensive service to all types of companies that are a part of the Special Tax sector. We are at your side in the approach of the activity and business, the legalization of facilities, the training in the implementation of these, advice and assistance in daily management and representation in interventions and inspections.

"We help companies that need consulting in international trade, logistics and transportation"


We advise you on air transport, maritime transport and land transport (management procedures, preparation of the necessary documentation ...). We help you choose the best logistics model, means of transport and type of cargo, thus optimizing the supply chain and distribution networks.


Creating a delegation or company in a new country is a critical point for any growing and expanding company, which requires great knowledge and experience.

That is why from Mimpo Global Logistics we help you in this very important initial phase where the company is established and strategies are established at all levels, to minimize risks and establish strong pillars in the country, and later we will continue to support you where you need it.

We also have trading companies that will allow you to start the first export, import or sales operations in the country, without the need to set up. (Check availability of service in your country).

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