Mimpo Global Logistics offers overland services globally.

We have an extensive own transport fleet located in Mexico and the USA and a strategic network of collaborators in the rest of the countries where we have representation. Our strategic alliances and agreements with our correspondents allow us to offer a highly reliable and totally efficient service to our clients.

In addition to conventional road service, we offer fast international rail transport and intermodal services, always betting on agility in our service.

At Mimpo Global Logistics we have special services to ensure that the goods arrive on time, in addition to regular groupage and full truck lines.

All goods transported without insurance will have a coverage limit by the carrier, which will be determined according to the relevant international conventions.

We have different products to insure your cargo, MInsurance Spot, MInsurance Flex, MInsurance Fix.



At Mimpo Global Logistics we have an extensive own transport fleet in Mexico and the USA and a worldwide network of first-line collaborators, in order to guarantee any complete truck traffic globally.

In this way, we offer a flexible and fast overland service nationwide and with international coverage, reaching even the most remote areas.

Our truck fleet is duly equipped with devices to carry out GPS tracking of goods throughout the journey and to have an overview of the goods, regardless of where it is located, in addition to protecting cargo from theft.

Amongst the different services, we have the option of a full trailer at a controlled temperature: national and international, with a high level of hygiene, guaranteeing the cold chain with temperature control and registration and also with vehicles oriented and equipped for the textile sector.



At Mimpo Global Logistics we have correspondents for international land transportation specialized in full and partial loads, for your cargo shipments of lesser volume or weight.

We combine shipments from different companies and find cargo to fill the return truck after delivery to destination. In this way, we offer transportation solutions while reducing the cost of shipments and the environmental impact, always traveling kilometers with trucks loaded, rather than empty.

Most of our partial loads or LTL for shipments from 3,000 kgs are collected / delivered directly by truck, without the need to go through our distribution terminals. On the other hand, no type of cargo handling is carried out during the door to door transport process.

Some of the most relevant characteristics are:

  • We have road coverage to all the countries where we operate.
  • All measures follow regulatory compliance, to ensure safety and quality.
  • The high level of hygiene stands out.
  • We track by GPS device during all transportation.
  • Our teams are available locally and globally.

Our professionals at Mimpo Global Logistics will advise you to optimize and adapt the supply chain to your needs.



At Mimpo Global Logistics we rely on a wide global network of correspondents to manage your oversized loads in the most effective and efficient way.

Normally, as part of large projects, we find goods that exceed the usual dimensions. To solve this, we use trucks with specific modular platforms that support goods with oversized dimensions and high weights.

There are different types of platform: without sides, designed for large goods, others with adjustable height, and or loads with special platforms that are driven independently and are anchored in the tractor units, suitable for extra heavy loads, very long or very high.




At Mimpo Global Logistics we place a high priority on the safety and transport of dangerous goods by implementing an operational / quality management system, which controls all stages of the transport chain and complies with existing regulations, specifications and legal requirements.

We control the requirements for packaging, labeling, marking of transport units and security in the loading of these goods, once they are in the transport units. These requirements may vary according to criteria such as the volumes of the shipment, the type of transport or the countries that its travelled through.

For this, it is essential to have the knowledge of an expert team in this field, trained in the management of dangerous goods, taking into account the multimodality of transport, whether by air, sea, land or rail, due to non-compliance from regulations or unintentional incidents, can lead to a significant risk factor for people and the environment.


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