Mimpo Global Logistics offers flexible and integrated shipping services to create the most adaptable, reliable and customizable solutions in the industry.

We have a core carrier program to ensure that your goods are being handled by the safest shipping companies. In addition, our packaging service allows us to ensure that the goods are in the best conditions in each phase of the supply chain.

We have the most experienced and dedicated maritime management team, to offer their knowledge to specialized local experts on the main trade routes, backed by a common systems platform. Thanks to our human team, the capacity and the appropriate prices, we can respond correctly to the needs of our clients, offering a superior service at all times.

All merchandise transported without insurance will have a coverage limit by the carrier, which will be determined according to the relevant international conventions.

We have different products to insure your cargo, MInsurance Spot, MInsurance Flex, MInsurance Fix.


FCL (Full container load)

Our team of Ocean Freight experts provide professional advice and solutions tailored to our clients.

At Mimpo Global Logistics we use our in-depth knowledge of the details of cargo flows to provide the answer to all shipping needs. We negotiate competitive cargo space agreements with the world's leading shipping lines and pass the benefits on to all of our cients. In addition, we ensure cost-effective cargo arrival and a fully integrated range of support services.

The key elements of our FCL service are:

  • Multiple bi-directional weekly navigation options in between two key ports.
  • Personalized service solutions in each commercial route.
  • Door to door services around the world.
  • Customs brokerage.
  • FCL buyer consolidation management.
  • Deconsolidation services.
  • Water inventory planning.
  • Distribution of assets.
  • Seafreight as a component of a supply chain solution (SCS).
  • Cargo management service.

Wherever you operate, we have the operational experience and analytical knowledge to provide the reliability, speed, and flexibility that ensure the safe arrival of your products.

The most special equipment needs are also covered. Whether it is a door-to-door or port-to-port shipment, we are experts in handling flat rack, open top containers, dry, controlled temperature and refrigerated.



"Our team of oceanfreight experts provides professional advice and solutions tailored to our clients."

LCL (Less container load)

Our less than container load (LCL) service is the most flexible and least expensive way to ship small, less-than-urgent goods between major ports around the world, from a single package to a high-volume shipment.

You have the advantage that you can send your products as soon as they are ready, instead of having to wait until you can fill an entire container by yourself. We guarantee space, regular and frequent departures to a wide variety of destinations, both for short journeys and for intercontinental routes.

We carefully plan and load the LCL containers.

This service allows access to a global network of destinations with competitive prices and door-to-door services. It includes direct services or with a maximum of one transfer / stop to guarantee safe and reliable transits.

Loads can be managed as single-country or multi-country buyers consolidation and are, of course, advised by our team.




The BreakBulk is a load that does not fit into a container due to its large size or weight, and must be loaded individually.

These types of cargo may be transported in the hold / deck or in special containers, either open top or flat rack with top and side cargo, respectively.

They can be oversized machines, construction or mining equipment, manufacturing materials, etc. Moving products in containers can be considered the most economical option, for transportation but for oversized equipment, decomposition rates are even lower than the costs for disassembling, packing, shipping, unpacking, and assembling the machine.



Along with tankers and bulk carriers, the need to transport goods such as liquids or grains in barrels and bags has decreased. New vessels can load large amounts of loose cargo unpacked below deck, and efficiency has been increased thanks to much faster forms of loading by dumping or dropping cargo directly into the hold with the proper equipment.

As for examples of bulk cargo, any liquid or granular merchandise, transported in loose mass without packaging, such as grains, coal, iron ore, wood chips, cement or chemical products, can be considered as such. But the smallest quantities of this cargo can be packed and palletized, although currently they will not be considered as bulk cargo.

From Mimpo Global Logistics we offer you the best technical advice and service options for your breakbulk and bulk cargo.


The Short-Sea Shipping (SSS) service combines shipping and road transport services to provide our clients with a unique and cost-effective solution for their entire supply chain.

With our maritime services we offer intermodal transport solutions by air, sea, road and rail in our door to door service.

Short-Sea Shipping offers our clients the possibility of transporting short and medium distance shipments in an economical, reliable and ecological way. Therefore, it is an alternative to conventional transportation by road or air in what are called the Motorways of the Sea at the national or international level.

At Mimpo Global Logistics we offer multiple weekly door to door departures to and from all key markets.

In addition, we have tailor-made solutions to guarantee the most reliable and profitable routing, making Short-Sea Shipping a comprehensive solution for the entire supply chain.

At Mimpo Global Logistics we guarantee high levels of service and commitment from start to finish.



The transport of dangerous goods (IMO - International Maritime Organization) in container by sea, has increased in recent years, as there has been greater control exercised by the IMO, to catalog more specifically the types of goods that they are transported, and in this way avoid accidents due to a bad classification of these goods.

The term dangerous goods (IMO goods) refers to goods that, based on its characteristics, are considered as such in the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code. We can find 9 categories of them, according to danger and characteristics.

The transport of dangerous goods by sea is regulated by the IMDG code. This code reflects the type of stowage, incompatibilities, segregations, etc. that could affect the goods, and the labels that the container must show, visible on its 4 sides, indicating the IMO number (UN ) and class. Through the UN number you can identify the type of merchandise and its characteristics.

At Mimpo Global Logistics we advise our clients regarding the classification of their goods, according to the IMDG code, and offer them the appropriate transport service that meets the requirements, with the provision of the necessary labels.


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In order to offer you a quotation or fast rates for your shipment, indicate the origin destination, weight, measurements and any information that we may require.

We will give you a quick response and personalized attention from our global network and dedicated team.

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