At Mimpo Global Logistics we have established the basis for the efficient use of available resources.

We are in a scenario that shows the need for society's intervention for environmental protection, which is increasingly in need.

Therefore, it is essential that the transport sector contributes to these efforts. At Mimpo Global Logistics we set ourselves on the path to environmental protection as the leading provider of green logistics services.

It is vital for us to act in an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions, in a balance consistent with the growth of transport, placing them at 30 percent between 2006 and 2020. To achieve this, we have launched several initiatives to expand our range of logistics products green.

We work to develop ecologically sustainable logistics solutions that reduce the miles of transport by consolidation and return to the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, through the continuous renewal of the fleet.

We allow customers to reduce or offset CO2 emissions during the supply process. Therefore, we can cut CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent in air transport, and up to 50 percent in maritime transport. Regarding land transport, we also have environmentally friendly solutions that include innovative motors and fuels. In addition to sustainable energy efficiency measures in all our buildings.



At Mimpo Global Logistics we defend that the success of a company is based on much more than economic performance. For this reason, we are committed to reconcile our economy, social and environmental pillars.

From the point of view of social impact, at Mimpo Global Logistics we strive, among other reasons, to be a company that is responsible towards its employees, complying with international standards regarding working conditions. Furthermore, we identify ourselves as a member of the society that supports social projects in our communities.


At Mimpo Global Logistics, our employees are our most precious asset. The basis of our success is in the motivation and qualification of our team. To do this, we strive to ensure that our employees are supported by sustainable staff development and a strong business culture.

We work to maintain the level of employee satisfaction in the long term through professional personnel management, and we do it consistently to improve the degree of employee satisfaction. To do this, we set clear goals and regular evaluations through employee surveys internationally.

We strive to develop our employees and adapt their professional progression to their individual professional and personal phases. The sustainable development of the personnel has definitely become a priority for the company.

Having a strong business culture is a prerequisite for dedicated and satisfied employees, which translates into long-term success. The international character of Mimpo Global Logistics leads us to integrate a wide variety of cultures and create a common identity in which employees from different backgrounds work together to achieve our goals and approaches.

Furthermore, at Mimpo Global Logistics we make sure to guarantee fair working conditions.

Our social standards define the work expectations of all our employees. These principles are binding on all board members, managing directors, executives, and other employees around the world. At Mimpo Global Logistics we encourage our business partners to also follow these principles.

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